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In Memory

Charles (Randy) Ohge

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09/11/13 05:24 PM #1    

William Blandin

I just read an obitary for Randy in the 28 Feb 1985 Stanwood/Camano News.  Charles R. "Randy" Ohge, 40, of Edmonds, died Feb. 20, 1985.  He had a brother on Camano Island.

07/02/14 10:10 AM #2    

Carl (Chuck) Munson

I've been sitting here for about 20 minutes thinking about Randy.

When we moved from Lynnwood to Edmonds in the 7th grade, the first person I met at my new school was Randy Oghe.  You can imagine the first impression one gets of a new school when the first person one meets is Randy Oghe.  I write this sort of tongue-in-cheek, but I think I may have considered moving back to Lynnwood.  :)

Randy was a firecracker, and every day was July 4th.  If the moment was dull, that was evidence Randy wasn't around.  I don't know how he did academically, but he was actually very bright - smarter than me (which isn't hard) - as evidenced by his cryptic one-liners...well, O.K., multiple paragraphs.  Sometimes I had to think about what he just unpleasantly said.  He was a good pianist, and I suspect he could have been good at anything to which he applied himself.  Mostly he applied himself to insuring  he was not ignored.

Randy and I got along well; sometimes in his eyes I could even see him put his guard down when no one else was around.  He could be very pleasant, even charming, on those occasions, but generally didn't seem to allow himself that moment out of character. 

The last time I saw him was when I bumped into him in the JCPenney men's clothing dept. at the Everett Mall in early fall 1984 and his first words were, "Are ya livin'?"  Most people say, "Hi, how are you doing?"  I fumbled out a "Well, yes," and in the course of conversation I got the impression something wasn't going well physically but, Randy still being Randy, he didn't completely open up with regard to the seriousness of what was wrong.  Or maybe I was, as usual, slow on the uptake.  Obviously whatever was wrong was much more serious than perceived because a few months later, as indicated above, his obituary appears in the Stanwood paper.

I don't know what I would have done, or even if I would have done anything, but I regret not having the knowledge of Randy's complications, and the opportunity now to make up for lost time.  My hope is that Randy and the Good Lord are tight right now, and Randy's guard is never up.

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